Atelier Domingue fabricates metalcrafts of the highest quality craftsmanship. Distinguished by low profiles and clean lines, Atelier Domingue steel windows and doors exemplify timeless design and understated elegance. All photography is intended for reference. Any reproduction or other use of the imagery on this site is prohibited.

Unique Fabrication

As most of Atelier Domingue steel is custom extruded in Switzerland, certain aspects cannot be manipulated to style, including the frame and tee bar. Atelier Domingue offers two lockbox designs, the standard muntin-to-muntin lockbox, and our signature floating lockbox. In addition, we offer fabricated custom-designed door hinges that contain a ball bearing and set screw for hinge adjustment, an well as custom, color-matched surface bolts with all French door units.


Color & Finish

Our principal colors are designed to enhance any environment, from the traditional contemporary, the natrual to the manmade. Whatever the color, our four-step application process ensures a durable finish of long-lasting beauty.
















Glass & Glassing

The same attention to detail and refinement is taken with our glass and glazing. Lite panels are custom cut for door plates, maintaining slim, elegant design. You will not find any logos or markings on our lite panels unless requested for commercial applications.



  1. Units installed and glazed onsite by a certified Atelier Domingue installer

  2. Units glazed in Atelier Domingue facility and shipped to the job site to be installed by the client

  3. Units and glass sent separately to be installed and glazed by the client

  4. Units sent unglazed and without glass to be installed and glazed by the client

To accommodate various conditions, Atelier Domingue offers multiple nailing flange options. We work directly with your build team to ensure you receive a product that fits into your project. 


Atelier Domingue craftsmen will construct your steel windows and doors according to your vision.  We offer a wealth of custom fabrication options, including but not limited to steel patterns, panel sizes, transoms, arches, and hardware mechanisms. Our team is experienced in realizing bold concepts above and beyond the ordinary.

  • Specialty Glass - Should you require a particular tint, ultra-clarity, or need to meet a specific energy efficiency rating, Atelier Domingue can order specialty glass.

  • Mounting Hardware - Mounting hardware options for bi-fold, barn, pocket, and sliding doors are abundant. Should you have special mounting hardware needs, consult your sales representative to incorporate them into your design.

  • Color selection - Custom color matching is available at an additional cost and with increased lead time.


Amounts more than 5 days late will be subject to a service charge of 1 1⁄2% per month or the maximum allowed by law, whichever is less. Atelier Domingue reserves the right to hold further shipments on any past due account until the account is brought current. Reasonable doubt of the Buyer's financial responsibility shall entitle Atelier Domingue to stop operations, decline shipments or stop any material in transit, without liability until Buyer has paid for the materials previously invoiced or otherwise satisfied Atelier Domingue. If storage space is required, the Buyer shall pay Atelier Domingue for such storage.


Atelier Domingue's price as stated herein is valid for 30 days from the date of this bid. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Atelier Domingue reserves the right to adjust pricing at any time due to volatility of raw materials, fuel, labor/overhead and freight costs.


Delivery schedules will be set once all of the following has occurred:

  1. Atelier Domingue has received complete contract plans, signed CAD drawings and specifications;

  2. All shop drawings have been finally approved and each have been signed off on by the Buyer or by applicable governmental authorities;

  3. Atelier Domingue has received all necessary information required for manufacturing included but not limited to, answers to all unresolved design issues, finish paint selection, hardware schedules and finish, verified field dimensions, templates, sealant color or any information from other trades or suppliers; information from other trades or supplier;

  4. Atelier Domingue has received the required deposit; and

  5. Buyer has notified Atelier Domingue to proceed with Product fabrication and has signed off on all plans and specifications related to such work.


Atelier Domingue shall not be liable for delays occasioned by strikes, fires, accidents, emergencies, acts of God, weather, war, civil insurrection, common carriers delay or delays in material supplied by others, Buyer’s delay in selecting hardware or Buyer’s change request to the work under this proposal, or any other causes beyond the reasonable control of Atelier Domingue. Additionally, estimated lead-times will be adversely affected by Buyer's delay in submitting the required signature(s) approving the shop drawings and other approvals. Delays by the Buyer in submitting the required signature(s) approving the shop drawings will allow other jobs to move into production prior to Buyer's job.

CUSTOM STEEL WINDOWS AND DOORS that inspire elegance in everyday life. Proudly made in THE US.

Committed to providing metal windows and doors that communicate a quiet elegance that is appropriate for homes honoring the contemporary, the time-worn, or an interplay of both, the artisans of Atelier Domingue Architectural Metalcrafts will fabricate custom, steel windows and doors reflecting a streamlined aesthetic with a nod to the sublime.

All photography is intended for reference. Any reproduction or other use of the imagery on this site is prohibited.

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